South Central Chapter

The South Central Chapter of the North American Field Herping Association is composed of the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, and covers over 440,000 square miles. Within the boundaries of these four states an enormous diversity of habitats are found, including deserts, mountains, swamps, bottomlands, forests, prairies, and coastal environments. These habitats can range from the highest elevation in this chapter’s region, Guadalupe Peak (8749’), to the lowest point, New Orleans (-8’). This region can have temperatures well above 100 degrees in the summer to well below freezing in the winter, and certain areas will go without rain for over a year while others average over 60”. The South Central Chapter region boasts over 250 species of reptiles and amphibians within its boundaries. We currently have 37 members, and are working on developing greater involvement in this chapter, which will allow for more database records throughout the region.  Greater chapter involvement will also help with educating the public about conservation efforts, now and further down the road.