Northwest Chapter

The NAFHA Northwest Chapter is composed of the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, a combined area of 253,451 square miles. Best known for its vast resources of river systems, timberland and rainforests, this region of North America is also composed of rugged Pacific Ocean coastline, massive volcanic mountain ranges and expanses of arid high desert and grassland.

The coastal area of the region is well known for its high rainfall average and is considered to be one of the wettest places in the continental United States. The city of Seattle, Washington, for example, has an annual rainfall of 36 inches. In stark contrast is the eastern area of the region where cities like Boise, Idaho, average as little as 11 inches of rainfall per year.

Moderate temperatures are also unique to the region. Pacific Ocean maritime influence is felt as far inland as Idaho, whose western border is 350 miles from the coast.  This influence has a moderating effect on regional  winter temperatures preventing them from falling as low as would otherwise be expected for continental regions located this far to the north.