Pinelands Preservation Alliance


The North East Chapter of NAFHA has fostered an ongoing relationship with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA). Every year (starting in 2011), we execute a data release on the previous year’s submissions by members into the NAHERP database. This data is shared with a few of the personnel at PPA and kept on file at their facility in case it is ever needed quickly.

The mission of the PPA is to protect and preserve resources of New Jersey’s 1.1 million-acre Pinelands. The Pine Barrens ecosystem is different from its surroundings. Its sandy soils create acidic, low-nutrient conditions. It is a haven for plants and animals adapted to these demanding conditions, and excludes plants and animals, including invasive species, that are not adapted. As a result, the Pine Barrens supports plant and animal communities that are unique on earth. And while most individual species found here can also be found elsewhere, a growing number of species now have their greatest stronghold in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

PPA is the only non-governmental organization dedicated solely to the protection of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. They don’t side with the government or private corporations. Their only concern is the preservation of the Pinelands. By offering our data, we provide them with proof that protected species may lay in harm’s way. Protected herps are a small, but very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to land management and protection. PPA will use this as ammunition against whatever entity threatens the preservation of the land, whether it be a Walmart or the NJ Department of Environmental Protection issuing a permit that is not in conjunction with the CMP (Comprehensive Management Plan).

In addition to our data, we have personally written letters to help PPA combat a recent mine expansion in threatened Pine Snake habitat. We are ready and willing to help the PPA when they deem a threat has been made to protected Pinelands habitat.

Bob Ferguson (NE President) recently created a Snakes of the Pine Barrens Calendar to raise money for the organization. He is the contact dealing directly with PPA. He can be contacted at

The PPA appreciates donations. Please, spend a few minutes reviewing their website and outstanding work!

For more information, please visit their website: