Most Contributing Member



Most Contributing Member

Within our organization we meet many people who share our common interest in field herpetology. Some are professionals, some are hobbyists, some are friends and others are just simply curious. Once in a while, someone comes along who, through actions of generosity and selflessness, inspires all of us to give our best to our organization and to our fellow members. It is in this spirit that this award is presented to a special member each year.  


2014 Most Contributing Member Award

is presented to

Brian Hinds (Fundad)

Kind words about Brian

"No one has worked harder for NAFHA"




Previous winners include:

2013 - 

2012 - Bob Ferguson

2011 - Steve Bledsoe

2010 - Jonathan Hakim



This inaugural award was presented to Jonathan Hakim in recognition of his many contributions to NAFHA during the preceding few years. Jonathan contributed over 2300 personal records to the HERP database since becoming a member. In addition to entering his own records, Jonathan volunteered to enter more than 3000 records on behalf of a fellow member. His foresight and energy directed towards the creation of a National Database Contest in 2010 resulted in the addition of new records to the database at a rate never before experienced by our organization. Jonathan continues to contribute to NAFHA from his new home in Thailand, where he and his wife have committed themselves to performing charitable work for underprivileged children in the region.                             

Photos courtesy Kari Post and Kyle Loucks