N.A.F.H.A. - North American Field Herping Association

Our Mission

The North American Field Herping Association is a nonprofit volunteer organization. Our mission is dedicated to uniting amateur, private and professional herpetologists from Canada, the United States and Mexico toward the common goal of better understanding, conserving and managing native North American reptiles and amphibians.

Founded in 2006 by professional herpetologist Jeff Lemm of San Diego, California, with input from professional, private and amateur herpetologists from all regions of North America, NAFHA is rapidly becoming a primary source of herpetological information and field assistance for researchers, conservationists, legislators and wildlife management organizations working with North American herp species.

Among the many projects undertaken by NAFHA regional chapters is our Herpetological Educational and Research Project (HERP) database. The information in the database is a continually expanding collection of current herpetological data, gathered daily from the field by NAFHA members working in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.

We welcome you to explore the HERP database, read about the regional projects our members are involved in, and visit our various forums. We also extend an invitation to you to become a member of NAFHA and help us achieve our goals of creating better conservation and management of our native North American reptiles and amphibians.

NAFHA 2015 National Meeting

The California Chapter is hosting the NAFHA National Event Friday April 10th thru Sunday April 12th.

The California Board is excited to announce it has chosen The Scared Oaks Campground http://theoaksatsacredrocks.com/ in Eastern San Diego County as the location of the event.

The campground has a couple large tent areas with shade, with as many as 40 tents or so in each area,
there are also bunk cabins available for rent, as well as trailer for those that would rather not stay in a tent.
We can also roam outside the campground on their property to look for herps.

We will be working on the details of number of activities, the California Board Members have some
great ideas for the event so stay tuned, and we have invited awesome guests as well to talk with us
from a number of agencies.

Eastern SD County is under represented with data, hopefully this event will help change that a little. There is a large number of habitat types in the area giving us a large number of options to deal with most conditions we might encounter.

It will be a really great event and we hope to see you there.

To find out more information including rules and regulations for the evern please visit fieldherpforum website below.